Thursday, February 5, 2015

How is My Little Girl Nine Already?


Last week my daughter turned nine years old. NINE. As in, almost double digits. How did that happen? In my heart she's still a sweet little three year old toddler with her pacifier in her mouth. How do they grow up so fast? She's trying to express her independence and maturity, while still holding on to her innocence and  childhood. I'm lucky I have a little girl who in most ways is in no hurry to grow up. She's totally on the same page with Peter Pan on that one and wants to stay a kid forever. Smart girl, right? We did let her get her ears pierced over the weekend for her birthday, sooner that I had planned, but I think she was ready. She's also getting ready to perform in a huge production with Nevada Ballet Theatre at the Smith Center at the end of the month. So she's trying to show me she can be mature and responsible and handle these things. And so far so good! But she is handling them with her stuffed animals and American Girl doll in her arms. :) I love that about her. I wish she could stay little forever.

xo, Summer

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