Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bachelor Update: Better Late Than Never!

I love this season of the Bachelor y'all! I've been so busy lately (you can check out one reason why here), so I haven't been posting weekly this season, but you know I'm always watching! Now we're down to the final three and so close to the end. So here's my take on the last few weeks. 

I was sad that Carly went home, but not at all surprised. She seems totally real to me, and made me laugh. But she and Chris were never going to leave the friend zone. I was SOOO ready for Britt to leave! Thank goodness Chris finally saw her true colors and gave her the boot. She was totally insincere, and it's no wonder all the girls saw right through her. Why is it so hard for guys to see what we see?
Britt is not impressed, and Chris is over it.
Since it's been a while since I've done a Bachelor post, I can't not mention the epic Ashley/Kelsey  smack down in the desert two on one date. Holy moly. 
The bitch face in this picture. Wow.
You guys. I. Can't. Even. This was one of my favorite Bachelor moments EVER. Like, EVER. I loved this so much. These two could not be more different, and it was amazing to watch this happen. It really made me so happy. And thank you Chris for sending both of these ladies home. Even though for entertainment value, I do miss them on the show. 

Anyway, back to this week's episode. We're down to the final three, and you know what that means....Fantasy Suites! It was the week of overnight dates, which always make for good TV. Chris's first date was with Kaitlyn. 

They hang out with some crazy monkeys, then have a pretty uneventful dinner. The most interesting part of the date was Chris telling Kaitlyn he was falling in love with her. Wait, what? Can he do that? I don't remember a Bachelor ever telling a girl that on the show before. I guess Chris really is breaking all the rules this season!

Whitney's date is next, and again, it's pretty uneventful. Except that she tells him she's totally OK with leaving behind an amazing career in a very big city to move to Arlington and pop out babies. Match made in heaven. They're in love, and we all know he's picking her, right?

On to Becca's date. She's super worried about telling Chris that she's a virgin, but considering it's fantasy suite week, now's the time! Of course, he was totally OK with it, they love each other, same old same old. Or is it? She doesn't actually tell Chris she's in love with him, because she's never been in love before and doesn't exactly know how that feels. But she thinks she might be. This apparently threw poor Chris for a loop. A girl isn't ready to marry you and move to the middle of nowhere away from her family after dating for a few weeks on national television? She must be crazy, right? Props to Becca for being a little more cautious and moving a little more slowly.

At the rose ceremony no one wears booty shorts, (Seriously, somebody needs to buy these girls some bigger pants! All three of them this episode needed one of Jillian's black censor bars across their backsides. I don't need to see your booty ladies!), and Chris is obviously still confused, even after chatting with Chris Harrison, so he pulls Becca aside to talk.

This is where everyone thought that Chris was going to send her home and Whitney and Kaitlyn would be the final two. Apparently, Kaitlyn thought so as well! Poor girl was totally blindsided when Chris returned WITH Becca, and Kaitlyn was the one he sent packing. I felt so bad for her. She's been my favorite this season. But on the bright side, can she please be the next Bachelorette? Because that would be AH-mazing! She's hilarious!

Team Kaitlyn!

So, my take on the situation is this. I think at this point in the game Chris has the strongest feeling for Becca, but isn't sure she feels as strongly about him. Or that she's ready to commit to marriage and moving to small town Iowa. With Whitney he knows she's ready and all in, so she's a safer bet. Just my opinion.

In conclusion, Chris will pick Whitney because Becca isn't ready to commit, and I vote Kaitlyn for the next Bachelorette. Also, next week is The Women Tell All - my FAVORITE! And is is sure to be a doozy this season! That is all!

xo, Summer

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