Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bachelor Finale, Finally!

I'm always late with these posts, so by now everyone knows how the Bachelor ended this season, with Chris proposing to Whitney. And let's face it, no one was a bit surprised by this. We all saw it coming from a mile away. She's head over heels crazy about him, and he's just happy someone agreed to move to Arlington. I'm happy for them. They actually seem really happy and I feel like there's a chance they'll make it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for them. The proposal was sweet. I'm rooting for these two!

Before I get to recapping the finale, let's see if I was accurate in my predictions from night one......

My first impression of Carly was not good, and I ended up really liking her. I was right on with Britt. Early frontrunner that would make it pretty far, but not final four. I figured Kaitlyn would make it far, but not as far as she did. Apparently I also liked someone named Tracey. Anyone remember her, because I don't.....Two of my final four predictions were correct. Jade and Becca. The hubs had Megan on that list. Bummer she went home when she did. She was a hoot! Guess who else I picked! Go ahead, guess! Kelsey! Oh my gosh, how off was I? Yikes! She had me fooled y'all! That scares me a little bit. Actually, a lot. She scares me. Anyway, I did not mention Whitney at all after night one. So overall, I did not pick well. Better luck next season I suppose. You can check out my original post here. Moving on!

The final episode began with Whitney going to meet Chris' family. She totally nailed it. First of all, his family is great. I love them, and it looks like Whitney will fit right in. She's not shy about telling everyone who will listen how in love she is whit Farmer Chris. Tears were even shed. She is all in at you guys. The fam is totally won over, but is Chris at this point? It was a little strange that during Whitney's time with his family he talked about Becca on more than one occasion. His dad and brother in law totally noticed, too. Everyone can tell that she's the one he really wants. 

Becca gets her turn to meet the fam day next, and Whitney was a tough act to follow considering how much they adored her. I thought Becca handled herself so well though. I particularly loved her convo with Chris' mom. She was so completely honest about her feelings, and the fact that she's not totally ready to leave everything behind. Once she know she's in love she'll be in 100%, but she's not there yet.

After family time, each girl gets here final one on one date with Chris, and Becca goes first. They just hang out in the hotel room and talk, but it's a conversation that needed to happen. Chris was super confused on where they stood, and frankly, Becca was too. I really felt for both of them. He wanted so bad for her to tell him she was in love with him and ready to move to Arlington to start a family with him, but she couldn't do it. I want to mention that Becca may be one of my new favorite Bachelor contestants. I'm guessing everyone that watches this show has a ton of respect for this girl. I mean, props to her for being smart and practical, and realistic about the situation. She's only known this guy for how long? Of course she's not ready to pack up her life to move for him, especially when she's not even sure she loves him. Chris seemed totally shocked by this by the way. Like, he just couldn't understand how she wasn't nuts for him. I felt bad for Chris watching the episode though. It was so obvious that Becca was the one he really wanted. Not that I don't think he can be happy with Whitney, but I feel like Becca will always be the one that got away.

Whitney's date is next. They go to the farm to harvest corn, and she really looks like she's having a blast and loving it. I think these two are a good match! Again, that night she tells Chris how strong her feelings are for him, and how much she loves him and wants to start a life on the farm with him. She's a sure thing. Becca's a risk.

Rose ceremony time! We all knew Becca wasn't going to get the final rose, but her reaction to being rejected was kind of priceless. Did anyone else see complete relief on her face? No tears, in fact, they smiled and laughed together. Best breakup ever. I think Becca dodged an Arlington bullet. Pretty uneventful. 

Whitney was so confident this whole time, but once she got to the barn she looked a little shaky and uncertain. No, wait, she's just FREAKING FREEZING! I was cold just watching them! Yikes! Chris can finally admit that he's in love with Whitney and he sweetly proposes. Of course she says yes, and they're super cute together, so I hope it lasts.

All in all, a pretty uneventful finale. No surprises, not a lot of drama, just kind I did enjoy it though. I always do. Do you think Chris chose the right girl?

xo, Summer

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