Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bachelor Premiere: My Predictions

The new season of the Bachelor is upon us! I love this time of year! I did enjoy Andi's season of the Bachelorette, but I'm excited for this season of the Bachelor, partly because we all still need to stop talking about Juan Pablo, but also, Chris is adorable, so here's hoping for some entertaining Monday evenings to come! I'm not going to recap the entire episode, but I do have a few thoughts to share, and then I'll give you my predictions.

First off, I need to mention Chris Harrison's interview with Nikki during the red carpet portion of the premiere. Cringeworthy. It was actually quite painful to watch. I guess he had some time to fill and needed to stretch things out, but Oh. My. Gosh. How many times can you ask the same question, and how many different ways can she answer? Give the girl a break! I'm sure she's so over talking about Juan Pablo, and this was just so ridiculous. Stop it. Moving on though.....

The limo arrivals weren't actually as bad as I've seen in the past. The cruise ship singer was awful, and the fake heart in a cooler was gross, but I liked the note from students that Tracy read, and Britt was cute. The dresses this season y'all were atrocious! So so bad. Like really. Ew. I hope these girls step up their game on the fashion front in the coming episodes!

So, on to the girls. One of my favorites of the night was Tara, obviously. The drunk girl on night one is always the best, and she was hilarious. It's also hilarious that she still got a rose. Of course she wasn't the only crazy in the bunch. Amanda's eyes were freaking me out. But let's talk about the onion girl. I don't even remember her name, but holy cow. What was that? I don't know if she was drunk, or acting, or just totally weird, but she got a rose too! And I am totally looking forward to more cookoo from her this season!

I have a couple of front runners to mention, and I've got to throw in the hubs predictions as well, because y'all, he's never wrong! Yes, I make him watch with me, but he secretly likes it. :) Britt is an obvious choice. She's drop dead gorgeous, and she got the first impression rose. I don't think she's top four though. Chris and Jade seem to have chemistry too. The hubs thinks Megan is a sleeper and will make it to the end. I hope Kaityln sticks around for a long time, because she is too funny, and my number one favorite from last night. So here are our predictions for top four: 

My choice for Chris's final pick.
We both like her for the final four
We both thought it looked like she had chemistry with Chris.
Hubbies pick.
Jade, Kelsey, Megan, and Becca, with Britt and Kaitlyn close behind. Oh wait, I forgot about Tracy! Honorable mention to her as well!




I'm not very good at picking the winner, but Eric is, so we'll see how we do this season! Hopefully Chris finds a good girl. He seems like a sweet, genuine guy. Can't wait to see what drama unfolds this season!

Tell me your favorite moments from last night's premiere and your picks for Chris's final four!


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