Sunday, August 23, 2015

Will School Just Hurry Up and Start Already?

It's that time of year. I'm seeing all kinds of back to school photos and posts on facebook of everyone's adorable kiddos in their brand new back to school clothes and over sized backpacks, and their teary eyed mommas.  Our school still doesn't start for another couple of weeks. I'm not going to lie, I am SOOO ready! Do I love having my little girl by my side all day every day? Absolutely! I cherish this time together so much. And I will probably cry like every other mom when she starts fourth grade, but then I will celebrate! Because y'all, mommy needs a break!

I can probably count on my fingers the hours I have spent child free this summer. That's not a lot. And like I said, I've loved every minute of this time, but we seriously need to be back in a routine. The freedom that comes with summer break is great at first, but it can't go on forever. I'm so ready for schedules and books and structure. And some mommy time. If you can't relate to this sentiment, well, I don't believe you.  

The early days of summer are so blissful. You have so many things planned, so many "memories" to create with your kids that you found on Pinterest (thanks, Pinterest, for setting such unrealistic goals). We're going to swim, have tons of play dates, fun arts and crafts, complete the summer stay sharp packet of school work in a timely manner, read lots of books, plus a laundry list of other activities around town. Guess what? That lasted about two weeks. Once that list is done, what's left? Oh, by the way, that school work packet isn't even close to being done. Total procrastination. 

How have we gone from one extreme to another in the course of a few weeks? The first half of the summer is full of activity, and any spare moments where nothing is planned all I hear is "What are we doing next?" and "I'm bored! Let's go somewhere!". It is totally wonderful, and exhausting, and all I really wanted to do was relax and stay home (in the AC, Vegas is hot y'all), but I pressed on, wanting to provide the perfect summer for my kid. 

Something happens around the end of July, beginning of August, where now the tables have turned, and all of a sudden Mason wants to do absolutely NOTHING. Like, she doesn't even want to change out of her pajamas. Minecraft and YouTube videos fill her day, and I'm not even ashamed of it. Some days we both sleep until 8am! Some days we don't eat breakfast until 10! Some days I even let her stay in her jammies all day. Why not? It's summer! Don't judge.

But while this was kind of cool for a week, for me the novelty has more than worn off. Mommy needs a reason and purpose for getting out of bed each day. I need a goal, some reason to put on makeup and brush my teeth. 

Here's the deal. I just want a few minutes of complete peace and quiet every day. I would love to be able to go to the gym (haven't gone all summer). I would LOVE if my house stayed clean for more than an hour. How does one adorable child produce such a mess? It's like because it's summer and school's out she's forgotten how to do anything for herself. Empty milk glasses all over the house. Have a wrapper from that piece of candy? Just drop it on the floor-mom will get it. Can't find your shoes? Probably because they're on the living room floor with all your other pairs. Know how I know that? Because I tripped over them this morning. And last night. And the day before that. "Mom, can you hand me my water?", she says as she sits on the couch, apparently just too comfortable to reach over to the coffee table and get it herself. She has also forgotten how to get herself anything to eat or drink, make her bed, flush the toilet, and showering seems to be getting harder and harder to remember. And I swear, those headphones are going to mysteriously disappear one of these days. Of course I love repeating myself five times to try to get her attention.

Is this all her fault? Nope. It's totally mine. I own it. 11 months out of the year I am a great mom. But August? Well, hopefully it will be over quickly. School cannot start fast enough!

I will revisit this post in two weeks time, when I'm dropping her off for her fist day of fourth grade. Fourth grade! How did she grow up so fast? Can time please stand still for a while? Before I know it  she'll be off to college! So for now I'll enjoy these last lazy days of summer, spend a little more time with her at bedtime, and cherish every second. And just maybe make her finish that schoolwork, even though we're out of milk and the house is a wreck. Because when the first day of school does come I'll be crying just like all the other mommas.

xo, Summer

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