Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bachelor in Paradise Week 2: My Thoughts

Ashley S. and Dan, Jade and Tanner, Kirk and Carly
Oh Bachelor in Paradise, you just get more and more entertaining! Thank you for bringing the drama - I can't get enough! If you want to hear my highlights from last week go here. Basically this week Ashley I. cried - a lot. 

Also, Mikey is delusional, everyone wants to date Tenley, and Joe's an ass. Oh, and Carly is still my favorite. Now you're all caught up! But really, what did y'all think about this week's episodes? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Here's a few of mine, in no particular order...

1. First of all, I am glad Lauren left. Too many tears, and she was bringing her sister down. Then we find out she's apparently someone's mistress? What? OK, so she never should have come on the show. It obviously wasn't a good fit, and apparently she's perfectly fine being the other woman. Go home. 

2. Second, why was everyone so excited for Joe to show up? I don't get it. I guess he's supposed to be funny? I didn't see it on the Bachelorette, and I certainly don't see it on Bachelor in Paradise. Looks like I'm not the only one, too! Here's everyone's reaction to Joe's complete awkwardness when he shows up. 

So uncomfortable.....
Then he offends Clare after he's been there for like, 5 minutes. Way to go buddy. Then he (kind of?) asks Juelia on his date....To be fair, she kind of volunteers. But it's still weird. It's clear on their date he's not into her, but he's totally leading her on so he can get her rose later, and hopefully meet some other chick he's hoping will show up. Gross Joe. Really not cool. And I have more to say on that subject in a bit. 

3. Ashley I. peeing in the ocean was freaking hilarious. So great. But no, I will not post a picture of this. Because ew.

4. Jared asks Clare on a date, and poor Ashley I. melts down again. Again, I just want to hug her. So sad, Mikey's not happy about this situation either. He keeps talking about feeling betrayed and being blindsided. Last week Clare was pretty clear that she wanted to explore and see what else was out there, and it was obvious to everyone (except him) that she was not interested.  I don't know what Mikey heard when she said that, but he is very confused. Get over if Mikey. Anyway,  I definitely don't see Clare and Jared together. 

5. EVERYBODY wants to date Tenley! Seriously y'all, what in the world is this girl doing that's just hypnotizing all the guys? It's so funny to watch! Good for her though! I hope she finds someone. But really, she's got JJ, Josh, and Michael all interested in her. I personally saw her with Michael over the other two, but what do I know? Apparently she was more into Josh. She made out with all three of them though! Wonder if Michael or JJ will get a rose from someone else or it this is their last hurrah in paradise? We shall see...
Tenley Sandwich, Michael and Tenley

6. Jared ends up dumping Clare because she's too old for him, and kisses Ashley I. before the rose ceremony! I was so happy! Finally, she gets her guy! I hope it lasts (for a few weeks anyway), and he's not just pulling a Joe and locking down a rose. 

7. Back to Joe. Like I said last week, if you're reading this you no doubt already watched the show, so you know what went down and I won't rehash all the details completely. But Joe.....wow. What a totally ass. I'm seriously appaled at how horrible this guy is. He's totally playing Juelia, and what guy does that to a single mom? Gross. Jonathan tried to be a good guy and let her know what was up, and what does he get in return? Man tears. Big time man tears. So not only is Joe playing Juelia, he uses his friendship with Jonathan to manipulate him, and MAKES HIM CRY! Then he's making violent threats, Joe just needs to go. It's really hard to watch him flat out lie over and over. He's terrible. And did I mention gross? Gross. 
8. I almost forgot to mention Clare's little meltdown at the end of the show. Get over it Clare. What was she even talking about? It made no sense to me. But I had pretty much forgotten Jade was still in paradise, so it nice to see her speak up and remind us of her presence! Did you see her tweet (you can see it here) about being an introvert on a show full of extroverts? I can totally relate Jade! You know, except for the part about being on TV.

Last night ended with a cliffhanger, and we didn't get to see who all the girls gave their roses to. Can't wait until next week! 

xo, Summer 

P.S. LOVED Asley S. on the after show, and Jonathan seems like such a sweet guy!  Tell me how you're liking Bachelor in Paradise so far!

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