Monday, January 9, 2017

My Bachelor Season 21 Top Three Picks

What better excuse to jump back into blogging than the return of  the Bachelor? The timing of the start of this season is perfection. Let's face it, 2016 was a bummer, so I have been anxiously awaiting the new year, and what could be better to start it off than a brand new season of drama-filled, guilty pleasure reality TV? And like I said, it gives me a great reason to stick to a New Year's resolution of mine and start blogging again! "That being said", I realize that Nick Viall is a controversial choice to be the Bachelor, but I'm actually excited to see how the season plays out. I really REALLY didn't like him during Andi's season, and though he was better on Kaitlyn's season, I wasn't a fan. But like so many other people he won me over on Bachelor in Paradise, and now I'm totally rooting for him. Team Nick for sure. 

So I just have a real quick post before tonight's new episode. I'm just going to jump right in and give you my impressions of some of the girls that stood out to me. I'm not going to give a full recap or much commentary- next week when they get into the dates I'm sure I'll have more to say. On to the girls...

Rachel from Dallas.
Based on her intro I initially thought she was way too serious, smart and accomplished to go far, but then when she got to have one on one time with Nick I was super surprised! I thought they had good chemistry and really great conversation. I was still caught off guard when she got the first impression rose, but overall I think she'll go far.

I like her. Even though their conversation got awkward at the end before they got interrupted, I think she's going to the end for some reason.

Oh Corinne. We have our villian obviously. I just feel bad for her parents......However, the villians are usually around for a good while, so I'm really excited to watch the drama unfold!!! 

Jasmine G.
Did anyone else recognize her from that Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders show?

Dolphin Girl
I can't remember her name. But I have to give her credit for staying in that costume all night. It couldn't have been easy to go to the bathroom. Also, she was sticking to her story about it being a dolphin, not a shark, so she's got conviction, But I give her 2 more weeks, tops.

Oh boy. This one was interesting. The girls he hooked up with at Jade and Tanner's wedding. Scandalous.  First off, you could totally tell he recognized her from the get go, but didn't know how to handle the situation. Then when they finally talked, I have to say I ended up on his side. He raised a very valid point. She admitted HE asked HER for her number, and she declined. If this girl really was interested in him, she has had plenty of time to contact him, but she didn't. It wasn't until there was a chance to be on TV that suddenly she felt the need to see what could happen with them? Fishy....

Danielle M.
This one is the hubby's favorite, and mine too. She's super cute, and he seemed a little nervous around her, which was adorable. I totally thought she was going to get the first impression rose.

I cannot for the life of me remember if she even had a conversation with Nick, but I do remember I really liked her hair. Not so much on the dress. But I'm sold on the hair.

My top three are Vanessa, Danielle M., and Rachel, in that order.

So, who did you like from the first night? And who are your picks? It's always so interesting to see if my first impressions are accurate, or if I'm way off on what some of the girls are like, or who he's going to be into. There is always a sleeper that pops up a couple of weeks in that wasn't on anyone's radar. I can't wait to see how this season goes!


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