Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Las Vegas Discovery Children's Museum

I'm fired - I haven't posted in a while! There has just been so much going on lately! You know how sometimes you feel like you have absolutely ZERO going on and you have all the time in the world to get stuff done (and post on your blog)? And other times you need an extra 6 hours in the day? This last weekend was one of the busy times. We had a four day weekend from school, and it was just one thing after another! But they were mostly fun things! Eric's birthday was Friday. The big 3-5! Of course he had to work that day, so Mason and I made our own plans and went to the new Discovery Children's Museum with a friend of hers from school. The new location downtown by the Smith Center is WAY better than the old one! If you are a Las Vegas local and haven't checked it out yet, you should!

First of all, parking is a cinch. There's an easily accessible garage, which was FREE! I don't think it is in the evening if you're taking in a show at the Smith Center, but it was Friday morning. Since it was a school holiday (Happy belated Nevada Day!) it was pretty crowded, but we got there early, so it was manageable. And even though the possibility of a child wandering off from their parents is there, they can't really go anywhere. The employees are everywhere to help them, so it's a relatively safe place.

The water room is basically the first thing you see when you go through the gate, and it was so cool! All kinds of fun little stations where you can build dams and locks. Plus they have cute little ponchos with ears on the hoods so the kiddos don't get TOO wet. Adorable. They still have the performance area, but it's been upgraded! Bigger stage, more backdrops and costumes to choose from, and fun lighting!

Another big hit was the excavation room. The kids can crawl through a tunnel into a room where the dig through sand for little buried treasures like gold nuggets. They spent what seemed like forever in there "being scientists" as Mason put it.

Mason's favorite part though was the huge treehouse playscape that goes up through the middle of the museum. It's level after level of slides and bridges and cool educational games. The girls could have spent all day there! Did I take pics of the kids? Nope! We were having too much fun! Oh well. Did I take pics of my outfit? Of course! But don't judge, that was before we left the house. :)

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As you can tell, I was my own photographer. :)
Such a fun day at the museum! I highly recommend checking it out if you are a parent. And it's affordable! Just try to avoid the gift shop on the way out if you're child is like mine!
After an extremely busy day and being up late at a friend's house the night before, this is the aftermath. She was wiped out! So was I!
What I wore:  Denim button down, red skinnies, and boots from Target, turquoise bubble necklace from Belle & Grace.
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