Thursday, October 17, 2013

21 Days Makes A Routine?

Ok, so I've been really good about going to the gym regularly lately (yay me!). But recently I've gotten busier and busier, and I've found that carving out that gym time after I drop the diva off at school really takes a chunk of time out of my day. Time that I could really use to be doing all kinds of other things I am so behind on. Plus, I end up having to choose whether I'm going to use up even MORE time putting on a cute outfit and makeup, or just spend the rest of my day in workout clothes and get stuff accomplished. Tough decision....

SO, I have decided to make a significant lifestyle adjustment. Hitting the gym early in the am, before Mason and Eric are up. That means waking up by 5:30 at the latest, so I can get home by 7. Plenty of time when I get back to get completely ready! No more yoga pants!
Let me tell you, I am most definitely NOT a morning person. Never have been. Getting up before the sun SUCKS. But I'm going to give it a go. They say that doing something for 21 days in a row makes it a habit, right? I'm on day 3, and it's rough.

Days 1 and 2 were great! I was in a great mood, had tons of energy, and never felt the 5:00pm crash I felt sure was coming. This might actually work! I never thought I would be one of those early risers who get more accomplished before the sun comes up than I do all day. And then I got to today, day 3. Getting up wasn't easy the first 2 days, but I did it. Getting up this morning was pure hell. Once I got to the gym though I was fine. I was fine in face until about 3:15 this afternoon. I was sitting in the car line waiting to pick up Mason, and it hit me.

Starbucks did not help.

Then the headache started. I tried to close my eyes on the couch while the little one did her homework, but 2nd grade spelling was apparently very confusing today. Ugh.

So now Mason is in bed, and even though it is only 8:30, I could be too! Only now I have this mysterious second wind, this crazy burst of energy! I don't want it! My pillow is calling my name! I should be sleeping! 5:30am is going to come WAY too soon.....I can do this! I CAN do this!

To recap, days 1 and 2 = Great! :), day 3 = not so great :(. Eighteen days left until this is routine. Pray for me. I'll keep you posted.

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