Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dining Chair Makeover.....FINALLY Done!

OK, so, I'm in the process of SLOWLY redecorating our house. We're on a tight budget, so I'm just doing a little here and a little there. Kind of piecemeal, so things don't really flow right now, but we'll get there! I'm trying to tackle one small thing at a time. My most recent project...the dining room! We have had on old antique round pedestal table and chairs for years, and it was time for it to GO! It had been around! From College Station, TX to Colorado Springs, Houston, back to College Station, and now to Vegas. Needless to say, it had seen better days! It was so wobbly! When my girlfriends would come over for coffee the table top would tilt back and forth. I'm shocked we never had any dishes slide right off! We decided to keep the old rickety dining chairs and just give them a makeover (actually, our bank account decided that for us!). Here is our new dining table and redone chairs!

Check out that gorgeous table! I am so in love with it! Custom made by Iron Horse Studio Ltd. We were able to specify the exact dimensions and finish we wanted. They make the most AMAZING furniture! Check out their website!
The chairs were stained black, but I painted them with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and reupholstered the seats. I'll do a separate post soon detailing how that went. But just so you know, I am now completely OBSESSED and want to paint absolutely everything in my house. The hubs is not on board. Oh well.
I would love to know what you think of the finished product! Disregard the wall color and window treatments. Those are both high on my list! Like I said, one thing at a time.....

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