Thursday, March 13, 2014

Giggles and Glitter

Mason turned 8 years old back in January, and I can't believe how fast my baby girl is growing up! She hasn't had a birthday party in a few years, so we promised her she could do pretty much whatever she wanted this year. The holidays are always crazy, and I have such a hard time catching up, that we JUST had the party this past weekend. Better late than never, right?
This year Mason wanted a party at the house. At first I was super excited about the prospect, because I thought it would be cheap and easy, and no fuss. but the more I started thinking about it, the more stressed I became. The only thing Mason had really decided was the location, and that she wanted a pajama party with a waffle bar. Not a sleepover pajama party - I'm not brave enough for that. But we thought if we did it late morning the waffles would be a cute idea. My only concern was how on earth to keep a bunch of 8 year old girls occupied for 2 hours? Our house is not huge, nor is our backyard, and I was just coming up with anything creative. So I started googling other venues in town for new ideas, and there are some cute places out there, but everything is SO expensive! Since I'm a gal on a tight budget, we were back to option one, the house.

Photo from Giggles & Glitter.

Luckily, that's when I stumbled across Giggles & Glitter. They are a company that will come to your house and put on a party for you! They have all kinds of themes to choose from, and they provide the decorations, activities, and staff. They come early and set everything up for you. All you have to do is the invitations, food and cake, and favors! Sounds too good to be true, right? They must cost an arm and a leg you're thinking. Guess what? You're wrong! Giggles & Glitter is actually very affordable. And coming from me you know that's accurate. I love a good deal! Needless to say, when I found them online I contacted them ASAP to schedule Mason's spa party. Jessica contacted me back right away, and answered all my questions, and we were ready to go! She sent me all the necessary paperwork to fill out and send back to her, which included a rundown of how exactly the party would go and what we could expect. Mason was crazy excited about the spa theme, we sent out some invites, and just sat back and waited for the day to arrive!

Photo from Giggles & Glitter.

I could not be more pleased with Giggles & Glitter! If you live in Las Vegas, you should definitely check out their website. What a genius idea for a company. I wish I had thought of it! I am so glad they are around to fill the need for cute kids birthday party ideas! I've got another post coming up soon with all the details of the party, with pictures of course, so be on the lookout for that, but I just wanted to rave for a minute about Jessica and her amazing company Giggles & Glitter. Such a lifesaver!

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