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Bachelor Season 21 Episode 3: Whipped Cream, Naps, and Bouncy Houses

You guys, I really really hope in my heart that next week is the last week we have to deal with Corinne on the Bachelor. I really can't deal with it anymore. I am so ready for her to go home! Somehow I both loath her and want to hug her at the same time. If you don't feel this way then you must not have watched last week, so let me catch you up. If you need catching up ever further back go here to read up on the first couple of episodes.

This episode picked up with the cocktail party, where Nick explained to all the girls how he had hooked up with Liz at Jade and Tanner's wedding, and tells them to feel free to ask him any questions they may have. Many of them do, and don't seem to be upset with him. I'm just happy I don't have to hear any more about this topic, because I'm seriously bored of it. But now that the Liz story has been put to bed, we get to focus completely on the Corinne show.....

It is really hard to watch this girl. She decides it's a great idea to put on a trench coat with nothing but lingerie underneath for her one-on-one time with Nick, and brings whipped cream. Oy. She gets Nick to lick the whipped cream off of her (with all the other girls watching), but after that he puts the brakes on the whole thing, and she cannot handle it. She starts crying because she feels stupid and can't believe he wasn't into it, and goes upstairs goes to bed. Y'all- she seriously goes to bed. Like, snoring and everything.

Rose ceremony time, and Nick notices Corinne isn't there. Because she WENT TO BED. Has anyone ever missed a rose ceremony because they needed a nap? As far as I remember this has never happened on the Bachelor. Guess she thought since she already had a rose she didn't need to show up. Danielle M. and Christen also already had roses from their dates. Nick hands out the rest to Astrid, Taylor, Whitney, Kristina, Danielle L., Rachel, Vanessa, Raven, Jaimi, Dominique, Sarah, Alexis, Brittany, Josephine, and Jasmine, which leaves Lacey, Elizabeth, and Hailey roseless and sent home. 

The next morning Chris Harrison makes an appearance with a date card (and some subtle shade for Corinne). It's addressed to Danielle L., Christen, Kristina, Whitney, Taylor, Jasmine, and Corinne, and says "Everybody". Then the Backstreet Boys show up and all the girls totally freak out. Personally, I'm more of an N'Sync girl, but whatever.

For the date the girls meet Nick at a studio where they will be rehearsing to be background dancers in the BSB concert that night. Before we get into the date, I feel the need to mention here that I do not approve of men in tank tops. Please stop this- it is not a good look. Ever. Nick happens to be a repeat offender, and I'm starting to think it's time for an intervention. Someone please buy the boy a shirt with sleeves!

Anyway, whoever does the best job dancing and has the best chemistry with Nick wins, and the prize is being serenaded on stage by the Backstreet Boys. Corinne wastes no time making this day all about her, and starts whining crying and hiding in the corner because she's not a good dancer. Get over it kiddo.

Jasmine is of course great at this date because she's a cheerleader, but Danielle L. also killed it, and ends up winning. She and Nick slow dance on stage while all the other girls watch, and Corinne's face when they kiss is priceless. 

After the concert on the cocktail portion of the date Corinne predictably grabs Nick first for one-on-one time, and I'm worried that her dress got ripped somehow because the slit is so high I can practically see her belly button. She apologizes for sleeping through the last rose ceremony, and Nick doesn't care, because her dress is so short, and they make out. Afterward Corinne goes off to take a nap on a couch. That sentence sounds like a joke, but sadly it is not. It really was naptime again. Apparently it was a short nap though, because a little bit later she's back and telling the girls how she misses her nanny Raquel. Jasmine's reaction to the fact that this 24 year old woman/child has a nanny is EVERYTHING.
I can't get enough of it. Also, Danielle L. gets the date rose.

Back at the mansion the next date card arrives and it's for Vanessa (my pick to win!). It says "You make me feel like I'm floating."They go on a zero gravity date in a plane, which sounds super cool. They float around for a while and it really does look fun, except I find myself again wondering why Vanessa does not have a hair tie? Her hair does look pretty awesome as she's flipping around though, I'll give her that. But after a while she starts feeling nauseous, and ends up getting sick. I'm sure she would have appreciated a hair tie in that situation. Just saying. This would actually be my worst fear. I've been married for over 12 years, and I still will not allow my husband anywhere near me if I'm throwing up. Nick was really sweet about it though, and said he like taking care of her. But then he KISSED her you guys- after she just vomited multiple time. Not OK! I noticed she was chewing gum, but unless you have brushed and flossed and Listerined that is not going to fly with me. 

That evening they go to the top of the tallest building in L.A., and I thought they really seemed to have a connection. He actually seemed engaged and interested, and were those real tears I saw him crying? I'm not sure, but the night was definitely an improvement for me from him. I thought it was a good date, and she's still my front runner. 

The next group date arrives at the house and it is for Rachel, Alexis, Astrid, Jaimi, Sarah, Brittany, and Dominique. It says "I'm done playing the field", and they immediately know it's something sports related. It ends up being a track and field date, with three Olympians that I sort of recognize, but can't remember now, which I feel really bad about, because all Olympians are amazing. The girls participate in a series of events, and the top three winners then race to see who gets one on one time with Nick. Astrid (and her boobs), Rachel, and Alexis race, and whoever grabs the giant fake engagement ring first get to jump in the hot tub with Nick.  Rachel wins, but as she tries to grab the ring she drops it and it shatters, giving Astrid the chance to swoop in and grab whatever piece she can and win. Well played Astrid. Nick toasts to her "kind of winning". 

Dominique is not loving this date. She feels really insecure and thinks that Nick is totally blowing her off. That evening she ends up crying, and the dramatics are a little much. Maybe you're not cut out for this show? When she gets her one on one time with Nick she ends up calling him out for not reading her mind and noticing something was wrong. She tells him he hasn't given her a fair chance and he sends her packing. Probably a good move, because she was way too paranoid. I am kind of obsessed with her lashes though. Rachel gets the date rose, which I think is great. They had a great conversation and I like them together. 

We get to see more of Chris Harrison when he comes to the mansion to tell the ladies that instead of a cocktail party there will be a pool party. Everyone is excited and having a ball once Nick shows up, except for Corinne who is still upstairs primping. Apparently she has a plan though, and that plan involves a pink castle bouncy house and bikini bottoms that look like she's wearing a full diaper (did anyone else notice that?). They bounce around for a while, and then she totally straddles him while all the other girls watch, and it's super weird. After they're done putting on a show for everyone, guess where Corinne goes? If you guessed to take a nap you would be correct! Again, sounds like a joke, but it is indeed what actually happened. I cannot handle this girl anymore, and the rest of the girls on the show obviously feel the same. Many of them decide to talk to Nick about it. Raven tells him the news that Corinne has a nanny, and Taylor and Jasmine also mention that the girl is bad news. Nick barely reacts though, and I'm back to thinking he's not serious about this at all.

Vanessa is the last one to confront him, and she may be the only one to have a shot at getting through to him. She questions his intentions and asks him if he actually looking for a wife, or just someone to mess around with.....

And that is the note we are left on this week. I'm dying to see if Nick will actually listen to some of these girls on Corinne, but something tells me he won't see past the boobs and whipped cream. Guess we'll see this coming Monday!

What are you're thoughts on Corinne? Will Nick send her home next week? Will she sleep through the next rose ceremony again?

xoxo, Summer

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