Saturday, February 8, 2014

At Home Gelous Manicure


I have been seeing this Gelous top coat product all over the internet lately, so of course I had to try it out for myself! Some people are claiming it will make your manicure last up to 2 weeks! Two weeks you say? I can't even fathom! In 2 weeks I have probably painted my nails 3 times. I prefer my nails polished over bare, but I can't keep a manicure looking decent for more than a day or two. So frustrating, right? And chipped nails are SUCH a pet peeve of mine. So gross. I don't have the time or money to get my nails done on a regular basis, plus the process of gel nails in a salon is not for me. Especially the removal process. So when I read about Gelous and that it comes off just like regular polish I decided this may just be my saving grace. The price doesn't hurt either. It's just $5.99 in store at Sally Beauty Supply, cheaper than a bottle of Essie! :)
I read several reviews and tutorials, and almost every one used a different process for their manicure. They ranged from like 10 coats (yikes!) total, to just a couple, so I settled on something in the middle for my first attempt. Her are all the products I used for my mani:

The color is Essie Bordeaux, which has been one of my go to colors for years, and I can't live without a fast drying top coat. This one is called Out the Door, and it's one of my favs at only $5.49! Another great deal! If you're like me and you're totally sloppy at painting your own nails, a clean up pen is an absolute MUST have! Without it I would literally look like a 4 year old did my manicure. No thanks! This product is a life saver! You can get it pretty much anywhere.

I started with a base coat of the Gelous and only let it dried very quickly. Then I did 2 coats of Bordeaux, with a coat of Gel in between. I followed with 2 coats of Gelous, and finished with one coat of Out the Door. I normally do my right hand first, and wait for it to dry before I do the left hand. When they're both dry, I clean up the edges with my trusty Sally Hansen pen.

Above is the finished product. Not the best polish job I admit. Here's how it looked after 1 full day:
Still pretty great! Just disregard how messy they still are from my paint job :).

 Day 4: Just a little bit of wear at the tips. Still looking totally presentable though.

Day 5:

After Day 6 I decided it was time to take it off.

You can see where the sides were starting to chip. But I have to say, for almost an entire week this was awesome! I probably could have made it stretch another day or two. One of the things I was apprehensive about was how easily this stuff would come off, but to my relief it wasn't any harder to remove than regular polish. It came right off! So my verdict on Gelous : SOLD! I'm a fan! I will definitely be using this on a regular basis.

Have any of you tried Gelous? What have your experiences been? Are there any nail products out there that you can't live without? I'd love to hear!
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  1. HAVE to try this!! Mine chips so easily but gel manicures so expensive!!

    1. You should! You'll love it! I just did my nails again today and they look fab!

      xo, Summer


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