Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bachelor Week 3: Snooze.

Was anyone else kind of bored during last night's episode of The Bachelor? I'll be honest, I was only halfway paying attention. I was more occupied doing my nails. Not really sure what it is about this season that just isn't grabbing me like most seasons do. Maybe it will pick up. We'll see. Of course I'll still watch. I still love the show, and Juan Pablo is some good eye candy. But I could use some more drama and (manufactured) romance.

So last night single mom Cassandra got the first one on one date. I can't even remember what they did, that's how uneventful it was to me. Oh wait! Water car! Where can I get one of those things? So cool. Otherwise, although she got a rose and she and Juan Pablo seemed to get along, I just don't see it. Cassandra is a super sweet girl, but she is super young too. She should probably go ahead and go back home to her son.

The group date was next, and of course there would be a soccer themed date this season. Was anyone surprised? I got the most entertainment from this portion of the episode. I hate to see people get hurt, but soccer balls to the face is kind of hilarious. Especially when it happens over and over to the same person. I did feel really bad for Sharleen watching her fall so many times, but I also REALLY enjoyed it. Sorry. She was a great sport about it though, so props to her for that. But again, the whole soccer game was kind of a blur. Still bored. I thought Juan Pablo had the best chemistry with Andi by far, and also got along well with Nikki. Not so much with Sharleen. That was the most awkward kiss ever. And gross. And no one wants to see that. Just....ew. How embarrassing. Moving on......

While most of the girls were getting pelted with balls, Elise and Chelsie were not so patiently waiting to see which of them would get the next one on one date. I decided I really liked Elise last week, and still do, but there was a little bit of overconfidence there, no? She was way critical of Chelsie, who ended up getting the date card. If I were Elise I would be thrilled I didn't get it though, because bungee jumping? No way! I don't blame Chelsie for not wanting to do it. There is no way I would! JP was cool about the situation. I hate these "adventure" dates where they make people jump off of buildings and stuff. I'm not jumping off a building, bridge, or any other structure for anyone. But Chelsie went for it, and got a rose, so good for her.

I thought it was super funny that JP showed up to make breakfast and catch the girls with no makeup. Morning breath and puffy eyes are just not cute, but they made it work. At the pool party all the girls were annoyed with Kat, and I admit I was too. She did try a little too hard. But they are all competing for one guy, so what do these girls expect? Clare came down with a classic case of first date syndrome and Mama Renee came to the rescue. Not that exciting. But I like Renee. She's nice. Sharleen also broke down and cried to Juan Pablo, which I didn't expect. At least they covered up their sloppy kissing this time.

At the rose ceremony Lucy and some blonde girl I didn't even recognize went home. Again, boring. "Free spirit" Lucy was really growing on me. Oh well. Hopefully next week will bring something more exciting than Sharleen singing opera. Adios!

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