Monday, March 3, 2014

My Favorite Oscar Moments AND a Giveaway

I am such a sucker for awards shows! The red carpet is my favorite part of course. Who doesn't love gorgeous gowns and men in tuxedos? There were a lot of fun moments during last night's. I thought Ellen was a great host. I love her. Is there anyone that doesn't? While I was bored at times, overall it was a good show. I have a few favorite moments.
First, I was rooting for Jennifer Lawrence to win for best supporting actress (total girl crush!), but was happy to see that award go to Lupita Nyong'o. She is so beautiful, and what a perfect acceptance speech! Genuinely humble and gracious. My first tears of the night (there were many). The group selfie was cute, liked the pizza bit. Brad Pitt handing out paper plates was so awesome, and you know all those people were so starving! If it had been me I would have totally been the one to spill tomato sauce all over a crazy expensive gown.
I loved Bill Murray's shout out to Harold Ramis while he was presenting. Very cool. Pink singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow I surprisingly loved! Pink is great, but I wouldn't have thought to pair her voice with that particular song. It worked though! And that one gets me every time. More tears. I cry every time I hear that song. Totally normal, right? More tears when Bette Midler sang Wind Beneath My Wings. I think I sang that song at my 5th grade graduation. I mean, Beaches? Only one of the best movies ever! By this point I was wondering why in the world the Oscars hate me this year! Can I not make it through one segment with out boo-hooing?
And then Idina Menzel happened. Y'all, she is everything. EVERYTHING. The very best moment of the night, by FAR. She is perfection. Another girl crush. I mean, if Ellen could just host every awards show, and Idina could sing at all of them, I would be one happy gal.
My last highlight of the night was Matthew McConaughey's speech. Could not have been any better. I loved to see a good ole Texas boy win such a big award! Wooderson for life!
Now for the most important part of any awards show......the fashion! Here are my top picks for best dressed of the night.

My top 3......

Lupita! Lupita Lupita Lupita! She killed it all awards season on the red carpet. This was definitely her princess moment. The blue Prada was just amazing on her. I can't find anything wrong with it.
Of course Jennifer Lawrence is on my list. She pretty much always is. Love her in Dior, the red is gorgeous. I want to be her friend.
I also pretty much always love Amy Adams. The deep blue color of her Gucci dress was perfect with her skin and hair. She is always just so classy and elegant.
Also loving........
Naomi Watts in Calvin Klein Collection. Gorg.
Cate Blanchett in Giorgio Armani. Queen of the red carpet. Always.

Honorable Mention......
Emma Watson in Vera Wang. I love her style.
Idina Menzel in Vera Wang. That color is amazing.

There were some majorly gorgeous couples on the carpet as well.....

Olivia Wilde in Valentino and Jason Sudeikis in Prada. I can't handle the amount of hotness. She looks fabulous, and I love that she is showing off the baby bump.
Matthew McConaughey in Dolce and Gabbana and Camilla Alves in Gabriella Cadena. Seriously you guys. The white jacket was all over the red carpet last night, and I was totally digging it.
Now for the men......
Bradly Cooper in Tom Ford. What a perfect combination. Wow.
Jared Leto in Saint Laurent. Another white jacket. And the red bowtie is kind of funky and fun.
Ryan Seacrest in Burberry. I just adore him. So handsome.

There wasn't a whole lot of crazy on the red carpet last night, but I did have a couple of WTF moments.
I am not a fan of Margot Robbie as a brunette. I didn't even recognize her. I'm sure it's for a role, but I just want to go on record and say I do not approve. The Saint Laurent dress is pretty though.
This last one may have actually been my favorite.
Can we talk about Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinsky for a minute? First of all, what were they doing at the Oscars? Weird. Second, why are they not on every red carpet, ever, together? I LOVE them! So fabulous!
And there you have it! My highlights and favorites from the 2014 Oscars. What were your favs? Anything I left off the list? Who got your vote for best dressed? I wanna know! And for more great red carpet looks follow me on Pinterest!
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