Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Camo and (faux) Leather

Quick outfit post......I've been searching for some leather look leggings forever. For a trend that seems to be everywhere, it certainly was way harder than I thought it would be to get my hands on some that worked on me. I searched high and low and tried on more pairs than I can count, and started to feel pretty ridiculous. Finally this pair from Forever 21 was the winner!

Seems like every store has their version of the leather legging. My first criteria was price (girl on a budget!). I didn't even try on the expensive ones. I'm always extremely budget conscious, but for this particular item especially, because I really wasn't sure how often I would wear them, or even IF I would end up wearing them at all. I've been a little iffy on this look. I absolutely LOVE it on other people, but wasn't sure how it would translate to my life of school drop off and dance class with Mason. So no way was I going to spend money on something I was going to chicken out on and not wear.

Second there was the issue of fit. I always have a hard time finding pants that fit well. Leggings are usually super easy though, right? But with these, the waist was huge on a lot, while the legs fit fine. Or they gaped behind the knees (BIG no no with leggings!). Or they had random zippers, which I can't really get on board with. The biggest problem though seemed to be getting my feet through the ankles! Has anyone else had this problem? I got one pair on in the F21 dressing room, and then could NOT get them off! Seriously, I thought for a minute I was going to have to ask for some scissors. Please tell me I'm not the only one to experience this?

The other issue was that I didn't want them to look super cheap. That was also super hard to find at my price point. I didn't want them to look totally trashy, and trust me, there are a lot that do! Yikes!


So this is my pick. Super stretchy, even at the ankle. No weird gaping. High waisted, but the waistband folds down. Not crazy tacky. And best of all? The price! Just $13.80 at Forever 21! Can't beat that! I would link you to them, but the website says they're no longer available. :(
I've worn them twice since I bought them, and while I love the look, I'll admit, I did feel I tad bit self-conscious dropping Mason off at school. But hey, moms should get to dress cute too, right? Anyone else trying the leather legging trend currently? What are your favorite brands, and favorite ways to style them? I'd love to know!

What I Wore:  Forever 21 faux leather leggings (similar here), Forever 21 camo jacket, Target sweater (last year), ankle boots, and Philip Lim for Target bag.

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  1. That handbag goes with your outfit perfectly!


  2. Nice style! Pretty awesome! Love the blog! Thanks for your posting!

  3. Such a great outfit! I have a very similar jacket and I really love the way you combined it:) Thumbs up!

    Hope you visit me on my blog
    Best Jasmin


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